Meet the Trainers

Kjirsten Fastabend (left) -Behavior Specialist, public access trainer-

Kjirsten is a balanced trainer that specializes in impulse control and minor to major behavior modification including reactivity, fear, aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, lunging, jumping, barking, and biting. She also does public access training for service dogs. She has been training since 2015. She started at a petco in Arizona where she received her official certification. She quickly found though that the training she was offering through petco wasn’t helping her with her own reactive dog as the curriculum is limited to non-reactive/fearful dogs only. After dealing with many accredited positive only behaviorists and trainers, she discovered a balanced trainer that finally helped to bring her dog to a calm place. She feels very passionate about helping owners build a solid relationship with their dog built on trust, understanding, consistency, and patience without a strong dependency on food.

She moved back to Oregon with her 3 dogs (Xena, Aspen, and Rane) in 2018.


Cati Foss (right) -Owner, sports trainer, therapy dog trainer, public access trainer-

Cati is a balanced trainer with a heavy focus on non-verbal communication skills, impulse control and minor to moderate behavior modification (She can do positive only if the dog and handler will benefit from it and it is not a safety risk.) She offers a variety of training including Basic Manners, Rally Obedience, Agility, Scent Discrimination, Tracking, Tricks, Therapy Dog, and Public Access training for Service Dog hopefuls. She has been training since 2013. She also started in a petco (in Warrenton,) to receive her official certification. She discovered that although she really enjoyed her job, it just wasn’t as fulfilling as she would have hoped. In 2016, she was approached by the then owner of Arnicadia [Farms] Dog Training and offered the business. Cati has since expanded the company and found a building with which she could grow to offer things like sport training for a wide range of interests. She has a strong drive to help build a working bond between dogs and owners/handlers through fun and challenging activities, engaging the different types of potential within our companions, and building a valuable skill set for teams for the community as a whole. While she does use food in training, she also talks owners through how to fade the need for food as training progresses and focuses on how to build a relationship without the necessity for food on important behaviors.

She currently has 2 young children (Addison and Cadence) and 1 dog (Lyra) that occasionally help with training.