Client reviews

Andi Reynolds: Cati is awesome. Not just the training, but the community of dog owners she brings together with her group walks.

Veronica Russell: Cati is a natural; she is a great teacher and we’ve learned some great skills in her classes.

Beth Van Elswyk: One reactive dog and one wants socialization. Cati is amazing, we have learned how to help, support and work with our reactive dog. Within two weeks we had tools, commands and materials to read, watch and interact with our dog. Following through on the classes has changed our dogs life and ours for the better. The Happy Tails Walks are social and fun for all. We can not say enough good about the training program, and the obvious dedication and knowledge Cati has for dogs. Need a trainer… There is no other better we have found! Need a social outing… Hit her FB up for social fun stuff. If you have a dog and live near Astoria you must check out Arnicadia.

Carleen Cochran: Steadfast, thorough, thoughtful, and reliable are just a few of the adjectives we can use for Cati.

Joe (and Nancy) McGlothan: Cati trained me to be a good dog owner/trainer. She is unflappable, bringing out the inner obedient dog in Walter. Always positive aids customized for age, breed, and each dogs temperament. 

Mary Putnam: Cati is calm and most important my super hyper and anxious doggie loves her. I liked Cati when I took puppy classes at Petco but when I knew I needed more help with dog it became a private -at-home training. Her calm demeanor helps keep me from being frustrated. 
Thank you Cati. Susie and I may never graduate considering Susie but we are getting better.

Tonya Wilson: We are so happy with the dog training education (counseling) Cati has given us, I pass out business cards so others can also have positive training for their dogs. It’s very fulfilling having a dog you love that loves you.

Geoffrey Reed: Cati is a wonderful trainer, taking the time to help work through the behaviors of dogs and their owners.

Michele Reed: Cati has a definite knack for understanding the individual training requirements of each dog. Her love of dogs, understanding of the psychology and needs of different breeds, and keen observational skills make her an excellent tutor for YOU and your canine companion. With her guidance, my high energy worry wort Border Collie has grown from an out of control puppy to the well behaved Service Dog he is today and the Catahoula Bull rescue no longer feels compelled to charge off after every small forest denizen dragging me along with her. While focusing on my furry friends behaviors, she also gently guided me to become the best pet parent possible. Whether you have a pup in need of a refresher or a hard case with a behavior problem, I highly recommend that you give Cati Foss and Arnicadia Dog Training a try. You won’t be sorry.

Dianne Widdop: This afternoon Bodie is having his final lesson with Cati Foss, his incredible trainer. Actually she has trained Bob & me as much as our dog. The progress he’s made is incredible. He’s not perfect yet but, neither are we. What a pleasure to work with and learn from such an outstanding trainer. Thank you Cati.

Heather Ramsay: I took my rescue dog Buzz to Cati for a beginner class and got so much better at communicating with my dog that it’s clear that I got some training too. She gave me so many small insights while working with us that have made “obedience” a natural result. Buzzy is a happier dog, and I’m a very pleased human.

Ann Lederer: Cati has worked with us and our skittish and highly energetic rescue pup for several months and the results have been great. Cati is calm, firm and positive as well as very patient (with our dog and with us as we work on our training techniques).

Teresa Maddox: We rescued the most adorable little dogs who turned out to have no clue as to how to behave on a leash or anywhere else. Instead of returning them to the rescue society, we took them to Cati Foss whose patience never faltered as she helped us turn them into the “the girls” that they are today.

Terry V Johnson: Caring, capable, patient, & thoroughly professional are all accurate descriptions of her training ability. It is obvious that she truly loves her work. An excellent balance of discipline & tenderness permeate each training session. Her energy to do the job never fails. Having her as a [trainer] is the right thing to do. She is regarded with affection by her dogs & human critters.

Christina Merten:  I attended a CGCA prep course class with my 2.5 year old Leonberger, Gulliver, at her Petco training facility recently. We both enjoyed the classes, and thought it gave us good practice for the CGCA test too. Cati was very kind and easy to follow with her instructions and encouragement, and Gulliver enjoyed the challenging yet relaxed working environment. We would do classes with her again!

Molly Wangen: I have watched Cati work with countless dogs over the last 2+ years including my own. She is so patient with the dogs and the owners, I have seen seemingly impossible dogs come through to become model canines! There is a reason people come back to train with her over and over again, She can always think of something new and fun for your dog to learn. If you are looking for an experienced professional dog trainer, whether for your crazy puppy, or bored perfectly behaved dogs, you found her.