Happy Tails Group Dog Walks: this is a free training service that is available to the public. These walks are held in different locations from Long Beach to Knappa to Cannon Beach to work on social skills, walking skills, and environmental desensitization. These walks are hosted every 2 weeks on a rotating morning/weekday afternoon/weekend schedule. Some locations have a $5 parking fee.

Arnicadia Membership: membership hours are Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-11am, Thursday & Friday 9:30am-11am, and Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-6pm. These hours are a low cost training option that allow you to come in and work on a variety of training skills and training equipment and for younger puppies and Canine Good Citizens in good standing to use the off leash play area.

Private Behavioral Consultation: if a vet specifically requires a trainer to determine if your dog might benefit from medication, this is the service you might need. This service is also provided prior to the private training in order to address any concerns and to build a training plan for you and your dog(s). Aggressive dogs must start with a behavior consultation to determine if we can safely work on your dog’s aggression or if you need to see a behaviorist.

Private training: learn how to work with your dog in the calm of an empty facility. I can address common missing exposure like children as well as practicing in a highly distracting environment when necessary. Aggressive dogs must attend private training and will not be allowed in group classes until such a time as Cati determines the dog is safe for a group environment.

Group obedience classes: are also available at the facility. For a comprehensive list of group classes offered see the class catalog.

A note about service dogs and training: while I do my best to help educate those interested in learning more about service dogs, I only teach public access training. Please note that public access training is a key factor in determining *if* your dog could potentially be a service dog. Most dogs being declared as service dogs could not pass a simple public access test and this is where I put my focus to help eradicate fake service dogs. If your dog can successfully complete public access training, then you can find a trainer that can help you provide the specific tasks your dog will need to mitigate your disability. In some instances, I can help, but I make no guarantees. If I determine that a dog will not make a good service dog, I will not vouch for said dog in any type of written verification. Please note that there is NO certification for service dogs. For more information, please read the ADA website or contact the ADA.