Reactive Dog Group Class


18001 Mill Ln, Long Beach, WA 98631

Reactive Dog Group Class - Long Beach

From 2.30pm until 3.30pm

At Mill Lane Property

18001 Mill Ln, Long Beach, WA 98631

$180 for 5 1hr sessions

This Reactive Dog class will last for 1 hour per session in Long Beach, Washington. This group will meet 5 Tuesdays in a row (11/29-12/27) to work on building proper desensitization techniques with any form of leash reactivity. Cost is $180 for all 5 sessions due on or before the 29th. (The type of dog for this class is one you have a hard time with around other dogs or people because of barking, lunging, posturing, over excitement, extreme timidity to the point you can't get your dog's attention shortly after leaving the sight of a dog or person, or dogs that are fearful of people/dogs/some sounds.)
If interested please contact me by email (, on my main facebook page (Cati Foss,) or at 503-468-2559 (text and voicemail accepted,) so I can send you an enrollment form and get some information about you and your pooch! My class size is limited to 10 dogs only and on a first come first served basis! You must send me a completed enrollment form before the 29th to guarantee a spot! If you show up the day of the class, you might be turned away if the class is already full.
Make sure that you bring your a standard leash (retractable leashes are not allowed,) a collar or harness your dog CAN'T escape from, plenty of training treats and a slightly hungry dog that is willing to learn as well as making sure I can see a copy of your dog's current vaccinations!