About Us

Arnicadia has been serving the northwest coast of Oregon and the southwest coast of Washington since 2008 and was originally founded as Arnicadia Farms Dog Training by Erica Curtis (who passed the business along to Pam Small in 2013 when she retired.) Arnicadia Dog Training is now owned and operated by Cati Foss since 2016. Cati is a balanced trainer whose primary focus is Conditioned Emotional Response based training and ergonomic handling. She works with you to keep training fun, exciting, and low stress while being informative about the ins and outs of her training approaches. Cati has a strong passion for animals and is a big advocate for a well behaved family dog that will listen the first time you say something as well as love to listen to you without the use of bribery or force. Cati’s background also includes fitness and nutrition, which are both extremely important aspects of a happy and healthy canine companion.